Cyber security for Indiviuals and Mico-busnesses


Are you an individual or micro-business worried about compromised cyber security of your electronic devices?


We offer advice and training to those who are experiencing a cyber threats themselves and/or a 'home to business' networks vulnerability.

Protection & Support

Cyber Awareness Training for your staff.


This training will help your staff identify cyber risks and vulnerabilities on their own personal devices and how this impacts on the wider IT network. This knowledge can be used by teams who have responsibility for safeguarding individuals from cyber security breach/threat/abuse. Let CyberCare empower your staff through Bronze, Silver or Gold Standard workshops.


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Cyber Awareness Training


CyberCare meets demand from a wide range of individuals and organisations 

who have been targeted by cybercriminals or need to maximise their protection. 


In particular, we have been able to help victims of cyberstalking, cyberbullying

and malicious acts of cyber abuse including victims of malicious persistent targeted attacks.


We have assisted business owners, individuals and their families who have particular

needs for online security as a result of their high profile or high net worth. 


We have experts who can assess the security risks of each specific individual

or groups of individuals. 

CyberCare can show individuals how to secure their personal or workplace devices.



Enquiries from Organisations

For individual clients requiring ONLINE support,  ON SITE support, CLINIC sessions:


Contact the CyberCare helpline for first aid help and to schedule sessions.

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